Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105 เครื่องถ่ายเอกสาร ขาวดำ Copy, Print, Scan, fax ความเร็วในการถ่ายเอกสาร 105 แผ่นต่อนาที ให้งานพิมพ์ความละเอียด 1,200 x 1,200 dpi


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105

Model Name

Digital Multifunction Imaging System
Functions: Standard: Copy, Print (UFR II), Scan, Send, Store
Optional: Print (PCL, Adobe® PS® 3™)
Operation Panel: 10.4 SVGA Full-Color, TFT Upright Screen

Image Server Memory
Standard: 1.5GB RAM
Maximum: 2GB RAM
Hard Disk Drive Standard: 80GB
Maximum: 250GB
Mirroring Hard Disk Drive Optional (80GB, 250GB), Method: RAID1
Network Interface Connection
Standard: 10/100/1000Base-TX
Optional: Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.1x)
Other Interface
Standard: USB 2.0 (Host)x2, USB 2.0 (Device)
Optional: Device Port [USB 2.0 (Host)x2], Serial Interface, Copy Control Interface

Max Mailboxes Supported
100 User Inboxes, 1 Memory RX Inbox, 50 Confidential Fax Inboxes
Maximum Pages Stored: 6,000Advanced Box
Available Disk Space: Approximately 10GB (Standard HDD), 113GB (250GB HDD)
Communication Protocol: SMB or WebDAV
Supported Client PC: Windows (Windows 2000/XP/7/Windows Vista)
Max. Number of Concurrent Connections: SMB: 32, WebDAV: 12 (Active Sessions)
Advanced Box Features: Disabling Advanced Box, Storage Filtering, Authentication for Advanced Box Log-in, Search Function, Sort Function, Printing a PDF File with a Password, imageWARE Secure Audit Manager Support

Scanning Resolution
Up to 600 x 600 dpi†
Network TWAIN Scan Standard
Network Scan Utility Color Network ScanGear

Up to 105 ppm

Up to 53 ppm

First Copy Time
(Letter): 2.7 Seconds or Less

Multiple Copies
1 to 9,999
Copy Exposure Automatic or Manual (9 Levels)

From Platen Glass: 25% - 400% (1% Increments)
From ADF: 25% - 200% (1% Increments)

Preset Reductions
25%, 50%, 64%, 73%, 78%

Preset Enlargements
121%, 129%, 200%, 400%Basic Copy Features
Preset R/E Ratios by Area, Finishing, Two-Sided, Density/Exposure Adjustment, Original Type Selection, Interrupt Mode, Sample Set, Setting Confirmation/Cancel, Standard Keys, Reset, Guide Display, Job Duration Display, Reserved CopyingSpecial Copy Features
Two-page Separation, Booklet, Job Build, N on 1, Add Cover, Sheet Insertion, Different Size Originals, Transparency Cover Sheets, Page Numbering, Copy Set Numbering, Sharpness, Erase Frame, Watermark, Print Date, Shift, Gutter, Print & Check, Negative/Positive, Repeat Images, Merge Job Block, Job Done Notice, Mirror Image, Print on Tab, Store in Mail Box, Superimpose Image, Favorites Setting, Previous Settings, Secure Watermark (Optional)

Acceptable Originals
(Glass): Sheet, Book, 3-Dimensional Objects (up to 4.4 lb.)

Maximum Original Size
Up to 11 x 17

Standard Paper Capacity
(20 lb. Bond): Dual 1,500-sheet Drawers
Dual 550-sheet Cassettes
100-sheet Stack Bypass
Optional: 3,500-sheet Paper Deck-C1 or 3,500-sheet POD Deck Lite-A1

Maximum Paper Capacity
7,700 Sheets (with optional Paper Deck)
Output Paper Capacity (20 lb. Bond) 4,250 Sheets (with Staple Finisher or Booklet Finisher)

Output Sizes

  • Cassette
    13 x 19, 12 x 18, 11 x 17, Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Executive, Statement-R, Custom Size
    Drawers: Letter
  • Bypass
    13 x 19, 12 x 18, 11 x 17, Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Executive, Statement-R, Custom Size
Acceptable Paper Weights
  • Cassette
    14 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover
  • Bypass
    14 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index
    Special Media Support Cassettes: Tab
    Bypass: Transparency, Tracing, Labels
  • Duplexing
    Paper Size: Standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing (Up to 13 x 19)
    Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover
  • Warm Up Time
    From Power On: 1 Minute or Less
    From Sleep Mode: 1 Minute or Less
    From Energy Saver Mode: Approximately 20 Seconds
  • Power Requirements
    120-127V AC, 60Hz, 16A
    Plug NEMA 5-20P
    Power Consumption Maximum: 2.0kW or Less
    Sleep Mode: 1W or Less
    From Energy Saver Mode: 171Wh or Less (-50% is selected)
  • Dimension
    49-1/4* x 53-3/8** x 30-3/8
    Installation Space (W x D) 93-3/4** x 30-3/8 (When Booklet Finisher is attached, and Stack Bypass and Auxiliary Tray are extended)
  • Weight
    Approximately 534 lb.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105

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